Gogo's Crazy Bones Home School Co-Op Party

Last week during (home school) co-op we changed things up a bit during the normal gym period. I had already prearranged with the gym mom to surprise all the children with the Gogo's Crazy Bones party. During morning announcements we announced that there would be a big surprise for the students during gym period - but everyone had to maintain their bead status to participate. (beads are rewarded for good behavior during class periods).


The home school co-op gym periods are broken up into age groups . . . K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th. We had a great age range of children for the Gogo's party and everything was all set. I was excited and all the moms were excited and the children were practically mad with excitement!


My Child's Play Party kit included:

15 Gogo's Crazy Bones sticker albums (which were set aside for my daughter's class~since I was hosting the party I picked her class to receive these albums {obviously})

15 Gogo’s “Flow” packs with 3 Gogo’s and 3 stickers per pack(these were handed out to my daughter's class as well)

100 single Gogo packs with 1 Gogo and 1 sticker in each (for the remaining students)


I really have to admit that I didn't have a clue what Gogo's Crazy Bones even were when I signed up for the Child's Play Party. However, I have hosted a couple of parties featuring products from Child's Play and they are always a HUGE success and SO MUCH FUN! 


The box arrived and my own children were beside themselves that I wouldn't even open the box! (I knew if I did only tears and trouble would occur). My son was so upset that he couldn't participate in the party (he does not attend the co-op with his sister), he was in tears. So I let him have one of the Gogo's Crazy Bones sticker albums and a flow pack. He was instantly obsessed with Gogo's and read the entire sticker album scouring for the  W's (Wanted) and the MW's (Most Wanted). I seriously do not know how a child could memorize a book so fast - but he did!


So, what is a Gogo you ask? And what can one do with a Gogo Crazy Bone?

Gogo's are small colorful characters that comein hundreds of colors and designs, each with a unique name, design, and personality. Kids of all ages have fun collecting, trading and playing with these little dudes! 


Gogo’s --- mini characters kids love to play, collect and trade!

Gogo’s --- endless usage with countless games to be played!

Gogo's --- have special abilities!

Gogo's --- Speed --- Balance -- Bounce!!

Gogo's --- Available in 5 different colors with 80 different Gogo's!

Gogo's --- Games! Throw---Aim---Flight---KO---Bowl---Battle---Basket---INVENT!


During the gym periods I observed the children playing with the Gogo's and their faces as they discovered what Gogo's they had won or traded. Each child was in awe of these little character dudes! Everyone really had a spectacular gym period that day and the moms were ever so happy to have a couple parting toys to bring home. There was sheer joy on all the co-op students faces and I didn't see anyone disappointed with their surprise. The games were fun and entertaining. Some of the kindergarten students needed a bit of guidance, but were easy to keep on track. The older boys were a bit more vocal and really "got" what the Gogo's were all about. I would definitely say the Gogo's are unisex toy as well! 


All the children and moms were quite appreciative of the Gogo's Crazy Bones Party and I now think I may be the cool mom at co-op (but who knows). Thanks ever so much to Child's Play Party and Gogo's Crazy Bones for allowing me to bring Gogo's Crazy Bones to so many families!


Visit Gogo's Crazy Bones Facebook Page and Child's Play Party on Facebook to view other hosts parties.

 Disclosure: I received the above items for review purposes only. No compensation was received. My opinions are my own.