Yellow & Purple

We've been mad busy around these parts as the hustle and bustle of school continues. Fall in the midwest is a busy place to live. There is so much to do and so much to see during this beautiful transition time of year.

Plus, we've been celebrating some birthdays around these parts.  I now have a nine year old daughter and she had such a blessed day. I hit a landmark age as well . . . 45. GAH! I don't even want to say that out loud! This birthday was tough on me. Each year my birthday has always been a great day of fun and laughter.

But this year, I was not laughing much and I really wasn't that happy. I don't know what it is, 45 just seems like such a dreadful age! My father never made it to this age and it makes me sad to think that I feel so young still, yet I know so many people who have passed by this age as well. Just dire thoughts I know.

Anyway, I am back in the swing of things with hundreds of photos to edit and only a few to show here this week.

yellow (1 of 1).JPG

♥ Yellow So we were taking a break from schooling one afternoon and took a walk through our forest preserve and I barely remembered to brink my camera let alone my macro lens . . . so that little guy in there  . . . I was trying hard to capture his movements . . . but was not able to. But, yellow, nonetheless.

yellow (2 of 1).JPG

♥ Getting Ready The honey collectors getting ready to collect the honey from the hives.

M's9thBDay (4 of 24).JPG

♥ Bright My daughter's birthday cake . . . there is about four pounds of frosting on this cake! It was so delicious!

yellow (4 of 1).JPG

♥ Teeny Tiny Here is a close up of the bees making honey. IF you look really {really} close, you can see the queen with a white dot on her backside.

yellow (5 of 1).JPG

♥ Connections These two girls of mine are literally the best of of friends. It makes my heart sing with joy and with utter frustrations at times. I think they share a brain at times. We could be deep in schooling and the very next second they will start up with their make believe games. It is hilarious to watch. {they drive my son bonkers}

These two little girls have such creative imaginations. I simply marvel at it. They can create a game from broken plastic toys, a piece of string, a slip of paper . . . you name it. Where ever we are they pick up their game of play . . . the grocery store, the bathroom, the school room, the shower, the car . . . anywhere they have a free moment, they are in their own little world!

I hope they always have this deep connection.