We had a lovely sunny day on Friday which was perfect for the end of the year home school co-op field days. My daughter had such a lovely morning playing with all her friends and well wishes for the summer. She is finished with co-op for this school year, but not yet finished with home school. We will finish up her Math book over the rest of the summer and work on Spelling, which she seems to be struggling with a bit and History. We have almost completed all our other subjects. And yes, I do not give my children a break from school work/home work over the summer. I never have and I probably never will. I'm pretty strict about education. I'm really laid back on almost everything except education.


My son will be finished with school in two weeks and I literally feel like pulling him out now and keeping him home with the girls and I. I know he would love it! I don't think the school would appreciate if I pulled him out though!

The children's bunny is getting really big now and mean! I didn't know bunnies were so aloof and mean! This bunny is a biter and it hurts! Everyone has scratches all over their arms and hands from trying to hold the little stinker. Anyone have any hints how to make our bunny more social?

We are currently on day 8 of our little eggs sitting in the incubator. The children are crazy excited to see these small little miracles crack open. (I am too!) But I will admit I am getting really tired of turning the eggs three times a day! We will candle the eggs later today (looking at the egg to determine the condition of the air cell, yolk, and white under a bright light in a dark room). I'm really hoping at least a few eggs hatch to little chicks! I really want my  children to enjoy the journey that we are taking and  involving the entire family and to  just marvel at the Lord's amazing creature of the chicken.

My little one will be graduating from Preschool at the end of this week and then turning five in a about a month. Five years old . . . my baby . . . I may cry on this one. Really, I know I will. This one is going to be tough for me.

I'm ready for summer to start . . . I have an ambitious summer planned with the children. This is really the first summer where we have not been home bound because of small children. I can actually take the children out for an extended day all by myself without bringing along 12 bags of "stuff" to get us through the day. My husband works so much and is gone often that I rarely venture out by myself for day trips with the children. But this summer, I am not staying around home much. I planned numerous day trips all over the city . . . we are going at least once a week to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer us! Museums and parks - here we come!