Wordful Wednesday


It is official . . . we are a diaper free house now.Have been for the better part of two full months now. No more Huggies, no more pull-ups, no more diapers!

For the first time since December of 2001, I will not be changing any diapers! I can't believe it really. And I am certainly not ready for it. It is no secret that I want another baby. So for this feat, I am a bit sad. Not happy at all.The funniest part of this transition for my baby girl is that I did not push her in any way to potty train. I was happy to have her in diapers. Really, it did not bother me one little bit. I was happy to cart around diapers in my handbag. I was happy to change her little diapers. But baby girl would have no part of diapers for quite awhile. I would put them on her, she would take them off and insist on using the toliet. I would put another dipaer on her and tell her to just got potty in her diaper and she would refuse.Around baby girl's second birthday, I bought her some 'big' girl panties. Although they are not big at all because she is so slim . . . do you know how hard it is to find size 1T panties for children? At home, she was in her new underwear. But out and about I didn't want to risk it and put her in pullups. At night as well, I put a diaper on her. Really it was just a waste because she had been dry for months and months at night, all night long. I put her on the toliet as soon as she woke up from her second birthday on.Who would know that potty training would be so easy? Really I have not had issues with potty training any of my children. Consistancy is key! Too bad momma was not 100% on board this time!

We are officially potty trained, since the first of November.

Now what will I put in my big handbags that I love to carry around?