Wishing I was still sitting poolside! #DisneySMMoms,

So I feel like this week I am back on track with our schedules after our whirlwind vacation. My little one was still on spring break last week  so going to school on Monday morning for her was a bit of a shock after a one month break. (but she did great) My daughter is working so very hard for me while she and I homeschool. This was the best decision for her and I am happy she is excelling in all areas. My son is so jealous and he has decided that he now wants to homeschool next school year. I am not quite sure if I am ready to homeschool him though. He is quite argumentative of last, perhaps it is his age . . . not wanting to be a little boy anymore, exerting his independence . . . on the cusp of hormones? I don't know. (really, I don't want to know - I want my kids to be babies forever!)

While I was on vacation I returned to an email from a fellow volunteer at my son's school. Two years ago I had worked quite hard in instituting many fundraising efforts (all by myself I might add because no one would help) and up to two weeks ago I was maintaining all these fundraising efforts by myself! I would continuously ask for volunteers and have no takers. Anyway, upon my return I find out that one mother (on her own volition) had decided to "steal" the Terracycling effort right from under my nose. AND THE SCHOOL DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!! I was so upset and hurt and amazed this happened. The office still has not addressed this issue with me. One friend from the PTL came up to me yesterday to discuss it and I gave her my opinion. I'm not really sure what happened and she said she did not either. I am not sure if I even believe her . . . but it's done. I just release myself of it all. I sent a note to the office that I will not longer be able to volunteer in any capacity and I didn't even get a response. Two years of hard work for nothing, not even a thank you. It's sad. I don't think I will ever volunteer at a school again.

Wishing I was still sitting pool side!