Why is vacationing so stressful?

On the way home from our Outer Banks vacation last week, I asked each of my children what their favorite memory was . . .

my son replied enthusiastically . . . "Digging the biggest hole in the universe on the beach" . . . 

my daughter replied while jumping and hopping around . . . "everything, all of it, every day was the best part of all"

and my little one replied while digging her head in my chest (which is where she normally is) "being with you Momma is the best". 

My children then turned the question to me and I smiled and tickled each one of them and laughed aloud my answer "why being with you little turkeys every minute of the day". While this is true in a sense . . . I was more happy that my children couldn't sense that my favorite part of the vacation was that it was finally over.

I was happy to discover that my children had no clue how miserable I was in a house with my husband's family. I am happy that I was able to mask all my emotions from my children and hide the fact that I was miserable. I suffered in silence for the sake of my children . . . . and I succeeded.

That is the best part of the vacation for me. My children had a wonderful time along the beach and I was really happy when I watched them frolicking along the Atlantic Ocean! And sadly enough, after taking over 600 photos, I still was unable to obtain the ever elusive perfect photo of my three little ones!

But this one, I love!