Where have you done it?

In the bathroom? Under the covers? Where have you done it?

Now, now, get your head where it should be. Firmly planted on your neck!

Where have you done it? #Netflix #Streamteam

Where is the craziest place you’ve done it?  Where do you sneak off to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows? Me, I simply plop down in my favorite chair after everyone has gone to sleep. My son, he will sit in the bathroom for an hour watching an episode. (by the way - what is up with teenage boys in the bathroom for such a long time??)

There’s no shame in cashing in on a little me-time. Mine just happens when everyone is sleeping because I am an insomniac! Yeah - lucky me! I literally can sit up all night long and watch something I have never eve heard of prior. My brother and I compare shows and tell each other what to watch on Netflix. (we both are non-sleepers)

My family just returned from a two-week vacation and yes, we brought Netflix with us! As long as the hotels had a television with an hdmi connection, we were golden. We discovered a new show to watch whilst we were away. Survivors -- have you seen it. It's long since been canceled, but we were able to enjoy the two season that we streamed.

Where have you done it? #Netflix #Streamteam

Summer is here and we will be streaming new shows and movies we have not had the opportunity to watch during our busy school year.

What will you be streaming on Netflix this summer? Or where is the craziest place you have streamed?

Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement as a Netflix #StreamTeam Member. All opinions are my own. #NetflixKids #Netflix #NetflixMoms Want to learn more about Netflix Streaming? Subscriptions start at $7.99/month.