Where did October go?

We have had a few beautiful days this past week and I took the kiddos to one of our favorite locations to feed the ducks and exploring along the creek. We were stomping around in the mud for a couple of hours and they were so mad at me when I declared that it was time to go. At the end of the trail we came upon a group of deer and I thought for sure they would bolt away. To my children's delight, they were able to pet the deer. The deer were even happy to lick away at their hands! It was hard to capture some photos because the deer were very skittish of the clicking of my camera.

We are winding down from the excitement of Halloween here in this house. The kiddos are really not that interested in their bags of candy, aside from the little one who would nibble away all day and evening at her bag if I would allow it. The past few years I have ended up tossing all the candy before Christmas because my kiddos never eat the loot they happen to collect bashing on doors on Halloween evening. The excitement seemed to wear off right around the time the sun started to set on our streets and the wind kicked in. It was rather cold this past evening and the poppets lasted about an hour before they were begging to get home.

I have not been posting here at this blog as much as I normally would as I have been busy teaching the children all about elections since there happens to be a very important election in this nation this year. You can read all about it over at my homeschool blog. The kids have decided they like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D Roosevelt the best. I tend to agree with them, or perhaps I tipped the scales in favor of these two gentlemen. {oh, are you going to see Abraham Lincoln in the theater next week, I can't wait!}

Tonight we are headed to the circus! I didn't tell my little ones until I was tucking everyone into bed last night and they were so excited. I don't know how we are going to get through the day of school!