What's Routine In Your Home?


Routine It's pretty routine in our house to speak to dad via skype. My husband travels quite often and thankfully we can keep in touch druing the week(s) hugging and kissing dad virtually. It's not always easy to coordinate a time to chat when one part of our family is 14 hours ahead of us clear across the world.


Music When I was in elementary school and it came time to choose an instrument to join band. I simply begged my parents for a flute. They refused because my cousin had a perfectly good clarinet for me to take over since she was no longer in the band. I didn't want to play the clarinet and I didn't want to join band, but I was forced to do both. I think I played for maybe a year and I hated every single minute of it. I was mad the entire time because I wanted to play a beloved flute. I secretly quit band and my parents didn't find out for over a year(HUGE AMOUNTS OF TROUBLE I TELL YOU). Anyway, my husband's family are very musical. They still all play several instruments, so my children are surrounded by music all the time, which I happen to think is wonderful. This past year all my children picked an instrument and here is my daughter with her much loved violin. My husband tried to talk her out of this choice, but I would have no part of picking her instrument for her.


Technology I am not into technology that much. In fact, it would be safe to say, not at all. I could care less about the latest and greatest. If what I have works, I see no reason to get something new to replace it simply because it is "oh so new and fancy". If my husband wants to purchase a new television or DVD player simply because it's this or that, I put my foot down and veto the purchase immediately. Secretly, I get mad if he actually purchasing anything because then I have to figure out how to use something else! My son, on the other hnad, is a little techy and can figure anything out in about 12 seconds flat. It drives me crazy!


Show Me Your Style My favorite scent in the entire universe . . .


Mismatch Thinking the bright colors of my daughter's clothing are not really matching the dead grassy plains of the forest preserve.