What Comes Around

We've been on vacation these past couple of weeks and enjoying our time with extended family. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin and uncles and aunts.

My brother and his wife are expecting a baby late this year and it was so nice to spend time with their small little family before the addition comes.

We also were able to get together with my aunts and spend some much needed time with them. They so enjoy my kiddos as neither of them have grandchildren. One of my aunts told me she looks forward to our isit all year long. Which tells me we need to get to Iowa more often!

My kiddos love exploring out at the farm where I used to play as a child and just being able to run around without me having a panic attack if I don't have them in my sights (the pains of living in a big city).

I took my camera and was having so much fun with everyone that I {mostly} forgot to take photos. The one thing I did do while in Iowa was only take photos in manual mode on my camera. I was pushing myself to learn my new camera and get out of AV mode. The only issue I have is my eyes, I don't see well and it shows in a lot of my photos. But I was proud of myself for staying manual!