What Are Your Favorite Groupon Coupons For Fall?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Next Thursday is the first day of autumn, officially. But I have noticed a change in the seasons beginning. The mornings are not quite so early and the evenings are not as long. The acorns are falling like crazy from my oak trees in my backyard and the chipmunks and squirrels are all scrambling to gather and forage for the winter that will be here before we know it.

Fall Groupon Coupons

The changing colors also bringg about new activities as we look to spend some time outdoors enjoying the fall colors, cooler weather, activities and festivals that will be happening. My kids are excited to leave summer behind and have some fall fun.

With autumn nearly here, I need to get my kids out of flips flops and into some shoes. Like any teen, my son is super picky about what sneakers he will wear. If I suggest anything, I get a major eye roll and attitude. So I learned to simply hand him off to an associate at my local Foot Locker. I sit, wait to pay and pass along my Groupon Coupon. Win-Win in my pocketbook!

There are so many popular items this fall that my kids and I do not want to miss out. I head to the Groupon website to search for any Groupon Coupons first before making any purchases for my kids for their wardrobe, shoes, jackets and coats. I especially check for any local activities that may have some great coupons for us.

Next month, my friend and I are taking our kids out for the afternoon solely based on coupons from Groupon. Then the following week, she and I are getting together again, sans kids, and using all Groupon coupons for our activities.

What Are Your Favorite Groupon Coupons For Fall?