What Are You Wearing Today?


You can post or just comment . . . tell or don't tell . . . show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) . . . exactly what it is you've put on today!
Well, Happy (early) Valentine's Day . . . do you celebrate?
I/We do not.
I don't know why . . . I have just never bought into the whole buy me red roses, give me a box of chocolates . . . whatever, I say!
Anyway, today I am wearing Vigoss jeans from Kohl's, black turtleneck T-shirt from Von Maur. Accessories include Tiffany bracelet, silver hoop earrings and belt.
For shoes . . . Vans polka dot sneakers during the day and brown suede boots for tonight.
Today I will be Mrs Room Mom at my son's school for a Valentine's Day party.
My hair . . . ugh . . . I couldn't decide what to do with it.My bangs are really long now and TOTALLY driving me insane but I am unwilling to cut them because I.do.not.like.them.
I also think that my hair looks better up when I have a turtleneck on?
Who knows?
Tonight I am meeting a bunch of old buddies for a drink(me soda because I don't drink) . . . is it wrong to want to look cute when I know that someone I used to date is going to be there?
He's sort of heavy and sort of balding now and I, well, I look the same! (boring isn't it?) except for wrinkles and grey hair.

So, What Are You Wearing Today?