What Are You Wearing Today?


Okay, so I have not done this in . . . like . . . forever! I'm going to start off by saying that the weather in this part of the country is WACKY! I can't decide how to dress. I ultimately end of sweating or freezing! Whatever! Driving me insane! But one thing I do like about fall is the clothes!! I love to layer and snuggle right into a great sweater or jacket!


So today I have on a dress/shirt that I layered with leggings and awesome, fabulous knee high boots and loads of silver! I love bracelets so much! That is the one thing that I own the most of in my jewelry box! My roots are freshly dyed as well, so I feel really red today!

dress/shirt - Target $30.00
leggings - Walmart(last year) $10.00
knee high boots - $80.00
short necklace - etsy here
long necklace - Forever 21
earrings - Forever 21
bracelets(right) - Forever 21
bracelet(left)/watch/rings - gifts from the hubbie


I have so much to do today . . . errands, post office, returns, my little one is severely constipated and now on meds for the next three months (I'm such a bad mom and I can't even begin to express how horrible I feel for her), I am coughing up my lungs and can't sleep (what else is new), I need to figure out what to buy and how to make Indian headdresses for my girl's Halloween costumes (I made the girls Indian dressses - which turned out awesome), I still have not bought candy for trick or treaters (not that we really ever get that many), I am out of milk and coffee so I need to get in a trip to the grocery store today somehow and I have to pick up my kids from school by 2:15 PM and my little one just woke up at 10:05 AM! Lord, there is not enough time in the day for me! But, I will look good today none the less!


You can post or just comment . . . tell or don't tell . . . show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) . . . exactly what it is you've put on today!