What Are You Wearing . . .

I have not done What Are you Wear is awhile . . . actually I just typed up this really long post and for some reason I couldn't post it . . . squarespace kept telling me that I was not logged in . . . grrrrr . . . and now I don't have time to retype everything and frankly, I don't think I could be that witty again if I tried!

I said something to the effect of fat I felt and that was the main reason why I have not been posting photos of myself . . . that I do not exercise anymore . . . that my kids are sick again . . . that I am sick again . . . that I don't take very good care of myself . . . that I am so busy I can't see straight . . . getting more orders for scrapbooks, (which is a good thing) and . . .

I have my computer back! woot woot! No one is ever using it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! {I wish} I (well, hubbie did anyway) lost all emails contacts, but everything else is intact! I really did not like using my brother's laptop (however, thank you so very much baby bro). I am not a laptop sort of gal and I do not like a Sony operating system.


 long sleeve white shirt - Forever 21

jeans - Holisiter

black shir t- H&M

bracelet / necklace - Discovery

shoes - Target


long sleeved tshirt - Forever 21 (literally have a closet full of white ad black one, so cheap, like $5 a piece)

dress - Target

jeans - Holister (yes, these are a fav, I have like 4 pairs of them)

shoes - Target (I adore these shoes, wearing the grey ones in above photo)

bracelets - gift from hubbie purchased in Israel  /  ring - Kohl's 

 (Close up of these shoes from Target, available in grey, fushia and yellow - $6!)

I like this photo . . . except for my nails . . . I have been so busy lately I had my acrylic nails taken off! My nails are so horrible! I literally have worn acrylic nails for over 20 years. This is the first time (since living in China b/c getting acryclic nails there was quite a task) in my adult life that I don't have them. My chidren keep telling me how ugly my hands are . . . nice hugh?!

 Right now I have yet to get dressed, I am still in my pajamas and coughing like a mad woman. {Note To Self: Self~Take Better Care of Self}