What Are You Wearing?

Holy crap it is cold today! 35 degrees when I took the little ones to school this morning! I literally had to dig around looking for hats and gloves . . . because I can't find them anywhere!! I put all those things away last spring and now I can.not.find.them!!!

My daughter exploded in growth over night . . . like, nothing fits her! I had to put three different pants on this morning until I found a pair that wasn't too tight or too flood! She was giggling her toosh off because I alwyas tell her she can't grow up on me. She kept telling me "Momma, I'm growing because I eat so good for you". I need to take this child shopping for some new clothes and she does not have a winter coat!

Here she is in a size 5T dress that I now make her wear as a shirt! The dress is so cute and I can't put it away yet!

Anyway, today I am wearing a sweater dress that I usually wear with jeans or leggings but today I decided to wear fun fall tights! I like the look. Not sure if these boots are just right for this outfit, but my other black boots were a bit 'too' wintery. AM wondering now, am I too old to wear a sweater dress with tights? Hummmm????? Long sleeved black tee underneath and my fav handbag for the fall!

{Please excuse the tape on my banister, my husband did that, putting the baby gate up to keep the dog from the upstairs. It's ugly, I know, but he won't remove it}

sweater dress - I can't remember, have had it for a couple of years now

black tee - forever 21

tights - Spanx

boots - last year purchase

handbag - LV Irene

necklace/earrings - forever 21

Happy Halloween weekend! What are you all wearing?