What Are You Wearing?

Can you believe it's already Friday again?

How was your week?

What are you wearing today?

Is it awesome?

I am a bit sad today so hubbie is taking me out to dinner so I can be completely depressed and blame him for all my baby woes (just kidding-sort of).

Anyway, I have been hanging onto my Christmas money until I could find the perfect gift to myself. Which I did on Sunday! Do you see those boots below? Aren't they sassy? I could not resist buying them. I don't know how the hell I am going to walk in them(I'll let you know how I do), but they sure are sexy!

Okay, to get on with it. I am wearing a black short sleeved T-shirt from H&M, a vintage-y looking shirt from Discovery and Hydraulic jeans from VonMaur. Yes, the jeans are new . . . and sadly they are a bigger size than I normally wear. I am gaining weight in my 40's and it is not easy to lose (not that I am trying too hard . . . damn those chocolate peanut butter cups). And lastly, Jessica Simpson boots, also from Von Maur.

Accessories include: black belt, watch from hubbie, rings from hubbie, my ever present Tiffany necklace and heart pendant from hubbie and hoop earrings from Forever 21.

PS: Anyone have the secret to stop my jeans from bunching up at the knees while wearing these simply sassy boots?