We Just Returned From Disney

I have not had time to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday in so long. Being a homeschooling momma, I just had to let some things go and sadly, the Sunday photography challenge was one of those things. But, summer is here for us and I am free today as I do not have lessons to plan for the week.

2013DisneySMMoms (25 of 1).JPG

Vacation: We just returned from a fabulous vacation in DisneyWorld! I kissed a mouse and I liked it!

marianospicnic (60 of 1).JPG

Food(s): We had a lovely picnic in the park on Friday in the city at Millennium Park and it was so much fun. I plan on doing this more often.

summerrailroad (13 of 1).JPG

Sound: I had this idea the other day to take the kids to some railroad tracks and take some photos of all of them with their instruments. They didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned them as it was so windy that day. But, I will try again. I have more photos that I will post later this week.

2013DisneySMMoms (46 of 1).JPG

Texture: Are these not the cutest thing in the world?

summerrailroad (25 of 1).JPG

Anything: Walking along the railroad tracks with umbrellas from London.