Walk It Like You Talk It

When my children came into this world, they were born with a blank slate. They are being shaped by what they hear, what they see and what they are taught. I try to be careful about what I say around them and how I act. I hope I am teaching them good morals, beliefs and values.

One big rule that is coming up everyday in our house is respect. Teaching respect is not an easy task in a house with more than one child. My older children are a bit jealous of my little one {claiming she is the favorite of the family} and my little one has very little patience for her older siblings if they don't do her biding.

Frankly, respect is lacking from everyone in my family of late. My husband is testy with all of us as he is under pressure from work. I am testy with my husband for his testiness towards the children and I never get any sleep because of his snoring{as I am typing this I can hear him snoring like a bear clear across the house}.  I am then testy with my kiddos since I am constantly exhausted and greatly lacking in good sleep. And my kids are testy with each other because momma is not in a great mood by the end of the day.

My actions are a conduit for my kids beliefs and behaviors. I tell them to be respectful and I need to practice respectfulness as well. How I treat my spouse, family members and others I interact with make an impression on little poppets.

The newly reaffirmed rule in our house is no raising of voices and constant respect for everyone.

Now let's see if my foggy, sleep-deprived brain can walk this walk.