Updating My Traditions

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Whenever I am stumped for dinner ideas I always turn towards my children for suggestions. I usually hear a resounding echo from all three of my little ones  . . . "Breakfast For Dinner", which on most occasions turns into a chant. Along with the chanting of "Breakfast For Dinner" I will hear the suggestions of what their little taste buds are desiring that particular evening.

Breakfast for dinner may seem like the lazy dinner night, when in fact, in my home, breakfast for dinner is a BIG deal. Big ordeal for me because I prepare everything from scratch. Scouring my drawers and cupboards for the most delicious dinner that have my taste buds puckering right now just thinking about breakfast for dinner!

When I was growing up I can say that I don't never recall having breakfast for dinner (in fact, I think my father would have had a stroke if he saw scrambled eggs on his plate at dinner time). I remember the first time my husband came home from work for dinner and he saw 'breakfast' on his plate. I could tell he was pleasantly surprised. I asked him if he had ever had breakfast for dinner and he replied, 'my father would never have like that'. I realized right then and there that "our" family unit was making a new tradition, one that we all embraced wholeheartedly. Breakfast for dinner is the most requested dinner in our home now! We created a new tradition that I hope will be carried on for generations!

Each of my children will always have a different request (isn't that always the case) and my husband and I will eat all of their choices so it makes it pretty easy for me to decide what to cook on the breakfast for dinner evening night. My son's choice is always, always cinnamon rolls. Not the cinnamon rolls from a can either, but the most delicious homemade cinnamon rolls on the planet (mine, of course). The girls are easy with crispy bacon and homemade waffles. My husband loves some crunching potatoes fried up along with all the children's requests and I love fresh fruit and vegetables added in there to make a well balanced meal for my family.

The girls love to make the waffle mix and scoop the batter into the waffle maker and my son loves to sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon on the dough for the cinnamon rolls, I usually always have some in the freezer ready to go for any occasion. These special moments in time are precious to me and I know they will later be remembered lovingly by my children. We are creating these moments . . . traditions . . . in our home and I hope my children will carry these on with their own families some day.

The one little thing our family does a bit differently is we do not eat our cinnamon rolls with icing. (I have never put icing on cinnamon rolls so my kids don't even know they are available that way) My little secret is syrup . . . sshhh, don't tell anyone though. I love to pour some warmed syrup on a freshly baked cinnamon roll  . . . I have to tell you if you have never tried it . . . it is one of the most delicious things on this planet!

 That is my secret family tradition that I am sharing with you today. What is your favorite family tradition?

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