TueSday TantRums!

Why are my children such picky eaters?? Oh, I think I know. Probably because I am, humm? Ya' wonder? Just finished making lunch for my three little ones . . . and I do make everyone something different to eat. I don't post about this because then everyone will know how crazy I am.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyone gets what they will eat.
I've been doing it for years.

I'm lucky in the respect that my hubbie will eat anything, really, just put it on a plate and he will eat it. Undercooked, burnt, blah, delicious, just-plain-Yuck, no complaints from him. Down it goes. Me, not a chance. If it looks gross, it will not pass my lips. If I don't know what it is, it won't pass my lips. If it contains fish, it won't pass my lips.
I hate fish, I hate pepper, I hate (really) spicy food, I hate overcooked veggies (literally, I will start gagging). You won't find me being the polite one at a dinner party or at someone's house. If I don't like it, I won't eat. I can't, just can't do it. If I try, I will gag. If I do swallow it, it will likely be back up on me.

My son is the same way. But this boy, oh, is he picky. At age two he was diagnosed with a feeding disorder. Actually a severe eating disorder. (He pretty much stopped eating food at age 15-18 months) He went to a food therapist (yes, they do exist) for a couple of months. I COULDN'T TAKE IT!! It is horrifying to watch your child strapped in an eating chair while a therapist tries to coax your screaming-bloody-murder-child to eat a piece of cheese. It is heart-wrenching and I just couldn't take him any longer. I read every book printed on what I could do to help my son. I feed him what he likes. He is getting so much better with his age. For a couple of years there . . . he would only eat about 5~ F-I-V-E ~ foods. He is small for his age because he doesn't eat. He has low muscle tone and not great energy because he doesn't eat.

I am really worried about school this year for him because he will be in first grade and eat lunch at school. I can't just pack him a lunch like a normal child would eat because he doesn't eat what a normal child would eat for lunch! ARGH!

Potty training the baby now. Girls are so easy to potty train! My daughter pretty much self trained. As soon as she could crawl and wiggle her way up on the toliet, she was done. That easy. Baby girl is almost as easy. Except she has not mastered getting up on the toliet herself yet. The other day, my son comes out of the sun room and states "there's poop on the floor". Oh lovely! I say, "baby girl, you need to tell momma, don't poop on the floor". "All right Momma". Her diapers are dry in the morning, mostly anyway. This is a good sign. Girls are so easy! Son was another story due to his eating habits. ARGH!

My daughter keeps getting these bursts of headaches. Like a stream of lightening through her brain for about 2 minutes and then they are gone. What is this?? Does she have a brain tumor? Do I need to start freaking out about this? Is this normal? ARGH!

Why does the local grocery delivery have to be so darned expensive? Peapod, I would love to use you, but you are so expensive! Are the extra bucks worth my sanity? I usually have all three kids with me while I grocery shop. It's been like this since every child was born, so they are used to it. I have an hour, that is it. That is all they can take and all I can take of them frankly. It's okay if the baby will sit, but mostly now she wants to walk with her siblings. She is sooo slow! Her little legs just can't keep up with the pace I want to keep. Does anyone else have their groceries delivered? Is it worth it really? ARGH!

Why does my baby monitor beep like an alarm? It is driving me insane! Today, it is beeping. Yesterday, not beeping. Why is it beeping today? At least once a week this happens? Is someone monitoring my house unbeknownest to me?? This is literally the 6th monitor I have purchased over the years. I AM NOT BUYING ANOTHER ONE!!!!! (lots of cursing going on over here today)