Tour of My Home: The Loos


The Tour Of My Home this week is in The Loos . . . of which I have four, well, three and a half really.


This is my powder room off my Foyer.

I like how this bathroom is finished a lot. The wallpaper, the pumpkin paint color on the wall, the mirror, my pictures of Judy Garland. It all just fits together. See the photo below for the other small Chinese chest that I purchased, it hold toilet tissue rolls perfectly!

Master bathrooms usually host dual vessel sinks, luxurious walk-in tile showers and countertops, and relaxing whirlpool tubs. Master bedrooms may also host large walk-in closets, ample room, and specialty lighting.


MY en-suite bathroom does not have any of these things! When we were having our house built, I wanted the en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet. Hubbie would not agree . . . at all. {He wouldn't even give in about the wood floors on the first floor until I ponied up the $20K myself to pay for them} The en-suite bathroom was only an additional $5K and I am kicking him everytime he brings it up that he wishes he would have done it now.
We have since replaced the tiles around the tub and shower as the ones the builder placed were literally falling off the walls and around the tub. (no joke) Our en-suite bathroom is nothing special, just a basic bathroom, but larger in size. The children love to swim in the large tub and I hate to clean this bathroom. I would love to change out the lighting and the mirrors and the vanities but have been told "no" at every plea.The view from our bedroom


The separate shower
The big tub(not jacuzzi)
My sink, hubbies is to the right, but very dirty, so no photo, but note the ugly light fixtures and plain vanity(can you say U-G-L-Y)!!
The center counter that seems to accumulate a lot of stuff. Note, I put my "stuff" away, hubbie leaves everything out.
My valance . . . one window treatment that I actually bought and did not stitch. See up there on the ceiling, my paint job that I have yet to fix! This en-suite paint job took me over a month to do. Have you ever stippled. It's really a task!


Since I have no place to put all our towels, this bakers rack will have to do . . . note, I need to do laundry!The separate toilet.
This is the wall border in the separate toilet area . . . which I happen to love.


The Duck Bathroom as it is called in our house . . . the children's bathroom . . . the second bathroom upstairs. As it is so lovingly called, it is decorated. It has dual sinks and is just plain as well, nothing special done in here.

The sun and moon were purchased in New Orleans in March 2001. I still love these wooden sculptures.

The last bathroom on this tour today is the lavi in the basement . . . I do not use this room, nor have I ever. It is strictly for my hubbie or guests. The toilet and sink are nicer in this lavi than in my en-suite and I'm still ticked about it! The shower has like 6 heads in it or something like that . . . I don't even know how to use it. I tried once because my children wanted to take a shower in it but I could not figure it out. That was like 3 years ago.

See the hole in the wall, it has been there for two years now . . . Kohler toilet and sink. I love this sketch, there are four on the walls in this lavi.

As you can see from this tour today, I have my head in the toilet a lot in this house!




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