Tour of My Home: Sun Room


The Tour of My Home continues this week . . .
The view from the Family Room . . . . the french doors lead into the Sun Room



Welcome to my Sun Room
The view from the left
The view from the right (sorry about the lighting)


The Sun Room, which has turned into the children's play room (according to our appraiser). We used to have our Family Room furniture in here until 2006. Then we swapped out the rooms due to the overflow of toys that I wanted to hide behind closed french doors. We do have a play room in the basement, but my children won't play down there by themselves.

This is the only room in my entire house with white walls. Well, I take that back, there is one wall going up my front staircase that I have yet to paint either, but only because I not figured out how to paint on those tricky stairs and the very small mud room. The children spend some amount of time in this room, but tend to drag their toys out to whatever room I am in . . . isn't that always the case. I try to keep all the toys contained to one room, but I am failing miserably at this task.I love these window treatments . . . I took long swags and stitched them together.

IKEA (crap) bookshelves and television cabinet (the doors are broken off due to small children hanging on them)
and I am happy to say that we have read these books(we have so many more) no less than 200 times each!!! Yes, we have loads of movies, most of which were purchased abroad.
The fireplace(double sided with the Family Room) and some of my Waterford Crystal pieces. One frame has already been broken by my lovely children.
I ADORE this deep plum color! The fireplace ceramic tiles are carried on the floor throughout the room. There is simply a remnant piece of carpet on the tiles.
This small table and chairs is from Wicks furniture . . . it is our third small table set. We had one that I purchased for my son at Marshall Fields(now Macy's in my area) when he was small, but it has since been thrown to the trash bin. We replaced it with another tot table from IKEA, which quite frankly lasted barely a year. I refuse to step foot in that store ever again!
(playing)This print is also from China, hand painted in front of us . . . my daughter wanted "horsies" and this is what we got! I can't recall what is written in characters there.
Pet Shop loot!






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Living Room & Dining Room

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