Tickled Pink

When I was growing up, pink was not a very popular color. My bedroom was white with spots of red and blue, but mostly just white. White furniture, white sheets, white duvet, white curtains . . . white, white white. It was very boring and all I ever wanted was to have a pink bedroom.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl {the first time}, I knew without a doubt I would be painting my soon to be baby daughter's room pink. Pink everywhere, in fact! I found the most perfect shade of pink to match the most perfect pink toile fabric that matched the most perfect pink rug and so on and so forth. My daughter's room is lush with pink. (sometimes I sneak in to watch her and smile because I know she is having happy dreams in there).

When I found out I was pregnant again with yet another girl, I couldn't believe my luck that I would get to decorate another room fully in pink. Which, naturally, I did. This time I chose two exquisite shades of pink that complimented each other beautifully. I found the most beautiful, lush, pink chiffon fabric for the curtains and bedspread and rug and so on and so forth.

Pink, pink, pink wherever you look  in my daughter's rooms. I love it! I love having two daughters. I love having two little girls whose closets I can fill with the most adorable pink outfits. I can't imagine being surrounded by any other color right now.

I know this is not the greatest photo since there is a shadow in my little one's face . . . but I love this snapshot because it clearly shows the delicate nature of my wee girl . . . her gentle touch to the pretty wildflowers is exactly how she approaches her life day to day . . . she was standing still looking at her pretty wildflowers, gently holding them while off  in the next frame was her spirited sister climbing trees and shouting from the treetops . . . and her brilliant brother looking for life adventures on the other side of her . . . while she . . . my beautiful baby . . . stood patiently beside me . . . my little pink poppet . . . who tickles me pink.