The Vaccination Question


Okay, I’m finally just going to open this nasty can of worms and write about my thoughts on vaccination. I know how contentious this issue is so I’ve been dreading the backlash that will surely follow but here goes…


I really worried about vaccinating my child, my baby, my latest baby. You see, I blindly vaccinated my son, believing every single word his peditrician told me. I not so blindly vaccinated my daughter, but listened with half a heart. This baby, I did a lot of research. I learned a LOT about vaccinations. I am chossing to not continue vaccinating this child and I’m not going to change my mind. I don’t believe vaccinations are safe and I also believe we are being grossly mislead about the efficacy of vaccinations.

There. I said it. Now you can yell at me or call me a bad mother or whatever you need to do to justify your stance on the vaccination question. You can throw the science at me, the so-called research, the facts and then you can finish me off with the, you’re irresponsible and inconsiderate to the rest of society because of your alternative hippie viewpoint speech.

I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before(namely from my husband). I used to believe that myself until I really started reading and researching and finding out for myself. There is a lot of information out there supporting both sides of this debate, fair enough. We believe we’re doing the right thing and we tell ourselves, 'Well, my doctor told me it was safe. If I can’t trust my doctor, who can I trust?' I say, trust yourself, find out for yourself, read for yourself and keep asking questions.

For me, it’s not a question of who is right or wrong. It’s not a question of blind faith either. It’s not a question of whether I’m doing the right thing. For me, it’s a question of “what if”. What if he established medical status quo is wrong? What if mercury in vaccinations does cause autism, asthma, ADHD, mercury poisoning? What if by immunizing my children I am doing far more damage to their brains and developing immune system than a possible exposure to and highly likely survival of a childhood illness like measles, mumps or rubella? What if I let them inject my beautiful baby's little body with 32 doses (yes, that’s right, in the U.S., if a parent follows the recommended vaccine schedule, a child will receive 32 doses of vaccine before they are 2 years old) of dead or attenuated viruses, derived from the pus of sick pigs and embryonic chickens and preserved with 250 times the recommended safe amount of heavy metals, including aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury and she happens to be one of those kids who has a reaction? What if she happens to be that one out 166 kids who becomes autistic or develops diabetes or asthma or some other autoimmune disorder that increasingly affect our kids?


Maybe they are safe. Maybe I should trust what they tell me and vaccinate my baby. I mean, the powers that be have never been wrong or dishonest about anything ever before, have they? The coal companies never denied black lung. The tobacco industry never hid research--well, we know. I guess our natural human response is to deny that those who are supposed to have our well being at heart actually don't give a rat's behind and are harming us instead. It's a scary thought but countless incidents of harm to the masses by the small minority in power have played out throughout human history. Doctors used to promote cigarette smoking to calm the nerves and told women to take laudanum until they became hopeless opium addicts. And women were told to take arsenic to pale their skin, as this was in vogue, and would slowly poison themselves. Can anyone say thalidomide in 60's and thousands of limb-deformed children? There are many, many examples I could come up with. All of these seemed like good ideas at the time and virtually all of them were uncovered as horrifically bad judgment on the part of those whose mandate was first do no harm, and many of them were then buried (tobacco, anyone?) to hide the truth. Are they safe? Have they been wrong? That’s the question.

Obviously there is so much more that I could say or write about this topic, but I will leave it as is. I won't quote all the science that I have read, I won't quote statistics, I won't quote numbers. What I will post are links, do the research, become informed.

Vaccination - The Hidden Truth 1998 1 of 9 Mercury In Vaccines Causes Brain Cell Damage ~a short film about the effects on the neurofibrils and growth cones. From the University of Calgary
and finally a lighthearted look at what all goes into a flu vaccine, from the Royal Canadian Air Farce comedy troop.
(I have more if anyone is interested)
Please do not comment to me if you are going to bash me. This post in MY opinion only. AND NO, of course, I am not a vegan and I do not grow all of my own food using water I know for a fact not to be contaminated with any pollutants (and I do not test it myself with chemical strips) and I do not live in an alpine resort of some sort where there is no pollution of any kind and I do not eschew electrical equipment of any kind because of the potential damage caused by radiation. In addition, I certainly do use deodorants & lotions (Think of all of the harmful chemicals that are leeching into my body through my skin!). And of course I do drive a car and permit my children to go near one, and I do use plastics fully knowing about their potential estrogen-mimicking effects which could possibly upset my child's metabolism and disturb the hormonal balance in my son. Oh and please don't tell me that the number of autism cases hasn't risen; it's the diagnosis that's risen. Just as, in the past, any number of other conditions have also been misdiagnosed. (Yesterday's bad student is today's dyslexic, and so on.) (I hear all this from my husband and don't need it here as well!)