The Summer Home Tour Continues

I have been off the past couple of Fridays from blogging and have missed this little last day of the week post, Tour of My Home . . . . today I am heading back upstairs in my home to show you one of my daughter's room.

When I found out I was having another girl I searched and scoured for the perfect pink colors and entire ensemble. Her nursery was stunning if I do say so myself. I used pink and black and Central Park Black Toile. Unfortunately, she never slept in her room or crib(not one single time).
And I can not believe that I do not have one single photo of her nursery (shame on me).

When she turned two, we took the crib down and made her room a play room for the children upstairs. Last month or so we purchased little baby girl new bedroom furniture and turned her room from the playroom back to a bedroom. I usually do not allow any toys in the children's bedrooms (makes the rooms too messy). However, I allowed the doll houses to remain in baby girl's bedroom because she will play so wonderfully by herself in here.

this decal is on the outside of the door this is the entrance to the bedroom this is the full on view, the bedroom is very small (if you recall the lower level has vaulted ceiling, thus stealing all the precious square footage from the upper level bedrooms) The Gorgeous, Stunning Chandelier (from PoshTots)
the top of the dresser (Muffy VanderBear & Breyer horse collections), recycled lamp from the nursery, doesn't work, but I have yet to find a replacement the new bed which has been slept in a total of 6 hours! (I will be making a duvet in the near future, that blanket is her crib blanket and yes, the crib padding is in between the bed and the wall) closer look at the pillows (I made the large pink, taffeta one)above the bed
close up of the frame above her bed (I adore this!!)Isn't this the cutest thing E.V.E.R! I used the pompoms and lanterns from baby girl's 3rd birthday party. I swiped the concept from here.
these are the frames on the wall beside the bed, they used to hang in the bathroom and I moved the frames in the nursery when I was creating this room, perfect fit, and so funny because I had the frames years prior!
The night stand and the drapes that I made, I simply bought this stunning pink taffeta at Hobby Lobby and used the old Shabby Chic velvet drapes (purchased at Target) as the liners. the closet doors with removable wall decals the wall opposite the bedcollections (Chinese & Japanese dolls purchased in China, Madame Alexander dolls)baby items that I can't bear to remove yet!miniature Madame Alexander doll collections from McDonald'sthe lamp
closer look at the paint under the chair railend of the bed dress up corner

hat boxes filled with stuffies, actually mostly all mine

inside the door above the light switch (I received this card from a lovely friend before I was even married and I think it is perfect for a little girl's room)

this is above her door way on the inside of her room


Next week, I will be at the Blogher conference so I am not sure if I will have time to prepost the next bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Kitchen & Family Room
Living Room & Dining Room
outside, entrance, foyer