The Nestlings are Here!

A couple of days ago we arrived home after picking my son up from school (co-op) and my children immediately hopped out of the SUV and ran to 'the tree'. "Mom, Mom, Mom, Can we climb the tree? Can we see if the eggs hatched?"

I haven't let the kiddos climb up the tree since we took the photos awhile back. But today, I agreed they could take a peek. They were so excited and came running to me to let me know the eggs had hatched. The baby birds looked like they had just hatched from their shells. The new mother robin sounded very upset and never ventured far from the branch the nest was resting on.

I took a picture of the featherless baby birds as fast as possible. The newborn baby robins were piled on top of each other and I was so happy to see that they had all safely hatched.