Ten Haiku on Why You Ought to Send Me To Blissdom

Buzz seeks strong blogger

Who is also a person:

Brilliant and fun.


Out in the suburbs

A Smart, hip blogger is  bored:

Wasted "creative".


(Not even to speak

Of superb technical skills

From photography)


Oh yes, I'm a mom

With a passion for my kids

teaching about stuff.


(One funny thing is -

momma, blogger, homeschooler -

I've done these jobs too.)


I open the shop,

set amazing Google stats,

then close it all down.


Though mid-level-entry

I know I'll be a rock star

in the right venue.


Also, I like cash

And am driven to make it

To go to Blissdom.


We like the same things:

#DevelopingYourLifePlan, #DreamingBig, #Storytelling and #Branding!

Looks like a perfect match!


I want to meet you.

I admit I lacks patience.

I'll keep my phone on.


Tiaras & Tantrums