Sweet Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Like chocolate but love chocolate peanut butter cups. Like licorice, but love licorice nibs. Also love tangy taffy because I can stick it up into my gums where the sugar gets absorbed really fast, and make faces at the kids. Also like chewy sweet tarts, but only in pink. Occasionally purple. Love love love jolly ranchers, especially the green ones. Star light mints are great for home sickness - if I can get them away from my son.

My chocolates of choice are deep, dark, bitter chocolates. German chocolates are my favorite . . . bring me back to my childhood when my grandmother would break off a precious piece of her bar sent to her from her sister. No easy feat in the 1970's either! I will eat a Hersey's bar if really pressed. But my love is European chocolates. Dark Chocolate covered caramels, ummm. Creamy fudge covered in magnificent mint chocolate truffles, ahhh. Delicious!But my deepest, dearest sweetie friend... Trader Joe's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.. Big, fat, puffy, chocolate coated slabs of creamy peanut butter jostling for space with the odd crunch of peanut, all wrapped up with a delightful chocolate that melts on the tongue.

Le Sigh.