Sunday News


Sunset I finally conceded and let my husband purchase a small pool for the children for the backyard. I am incredibly neurotic about the kiddos and water and drowning and dry drowning. I tend to freak myself out a bit whenever I see the children choking. The kiddos have begged for a pool for years and after a day at the local swimming pool of getting splashed in the face about 17,000 times by other children, I agreed. Swimming at sunset, who it could be so much fun.




Hanging Around Our monarchs hatched and we had so much fun playing with them and finally, letting them go.


Funny Face Don't need a caption for this one.


Space Do you think there is enough space on this tiny cake for this big candle? Dope mom that I am forgot to purchase candles for this little one's BIG birthday. Thankfully, someone suggested a taper candle, which worked in a pinch. {She didn't even notice!}