Summer Tips, Tricks & Advice II

I won't be the mean momma this week telling everyone to hand out the homework for their children (like I do). So their little cherub brains are not warped by 24 hour Noggin, Disney, Cartoon Network, Jetix, PBS and the likes of these television networks, I suggest turning the television off! My television is on a strict timer. Once the children have reached the time limit for the day, off the tellie pops! Not to return for a movie, a snippet, a peak or even a commercial. They must choose wisely because throughout the day, the 'mostest favorite' of brain sucking programs are on for their little tot minds to lose all sense in.

When I'm not drilling Phoenics and Mathematics and Reading into my little wonders of joy, I do let them have some fun! For instance, right now as I sit here blogging away about their precious summer days that are quickly dwindling, they are on the floor in my office. Each with a roll of paper, a basket of stamps and bag of markers. My office floor is a disaster, but they are having fun and we are all together!

So for this Tuesday Tip, I shall give a few of the "fun" things I suffer through for the sake of my kids smiles, the twinkling in their eyes and to show them that Momma can be silly and fun too!
These are outdoor activities since the sun is shiny and bright today!

**Roll down the big hill next to our house
**Bake mud pies in the sun
**Worm hunting
**Look under rocks to see what we can find(mostly worms)
**Weed (ie: hunt for dandelions)
**Hunt for grasshoppers
**Throwing rocks off the little bridge on our bike path (son has a slingshot, and this is one of his favorite funs)
**Have a grass fight
**Paint rocks outside (daughters LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!)
**Practice cartwheel and somersaults

Have a Fun Filled Tuesday!!!!!