Summer Home Tour


The last room upstairs in my home to showcase is my daughter's room.
When I found out I was having a girl, I was ecstatic. I went searching for the perfect shade of pink . . . the room absolutely had to be pink! I always wanted a pink bedroom growing up and never had one. I scoured and searched for the perfect accessories and put this room together when she was two years old. (because basically my daughter slept in a bassinet next to my bed and then in her crib next to my bed and then with me in my bed for a year in China).
We purchased a queen size bed frame for her because we wanted to recycle the mattress that was used in our guest bedroom (new baby took son's room, son took guest room).

This is my daughter's door from the hallway. (decals shown here)
The furniture is young America Isabella collection and I adore it! The mini chair and stool are from The bookcase is from Target that I put together myself!
The view of her closet doors with more decals. The gorgeous chandelier(very bad photo, but it is pink and stunning) is from Posh Tots, one of my all time favorite catalogs!

Breyer Horse collection

I simply love these old frames and prints. I purchased them at an antique store(that has now since closed) and they fit prefect in her room.

Muffy VanderBear collection & Madame Alexander doll collection.

Desk, bookcase, nightstand, drapes (which I made). see that print on her desk, it used to be mine, it is one of my favorites. This print is from Brian Andreas' Storypeople's and it reads, "She said you know what heaven is like? & I said I wasn't sure & she laughed & said grown-ups didn't know much at all about important stuff & I said I had to agree with her even though I was one of them myself."

Big bed and all her stuffies that must remain on the bed while sleeping. This silk bedspread is from China and I only put it on her bed during the summer months. The normal covering is a gorgeous, heavy duvet that I also made. The main fabric in the room is Central Park Toile in pink. It is the same fabric on the mini chair, the bed skirt, the pillow shams (which I also made/both) and the drapes.

stuffies and dress up corner . . . under the sea of princess dresses and tutus is a stand that I made from a fence post, but very girly and very easy!

This is the view of the ceiling above my daughter's bed. I came up with this idea when she was a baby and have stuck with it. She adores her umbrellas. Most were purchased in China Town in San Fransisco.

Shelves with more Madame Alexander dolls. The Wizard of Oz doll collection is half mine. I love the Wizard of Oz and hope to pass this on to my children. The top shelf also holds her porcelain Chinese and Japanese dolls (from China).


Next week will be the last area of my house to show, the basement . . . it makes me sad because that also means the summer is basically over. I'm actually getting quite depressed thinking about my children going back to school. We are having such a fun summer, even though the weather has not cooperated with us fully on a daily basis, we are up to something fun and wonderful each day!


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