Spring #DisneySMMoms,

It is now mid April and we have seen a couple of 80 degree days, but unfortunately residing in the Midwest means you can pretty much guarantee there will be one last snowfall. Which we just had this week. So it's really hard to think that Spring is here.

I clipped all my daffodils and hyacinths the day before it snowed and covered my garden with a couple of tarps. In my giddiness over 80 degree weather a couple of weeks ago, I do believe I jumped the gun by planting our garden. I felt so smart by finally doing something on time and actually it was more likely one of the silliest mistakes I have made to date! I should know better - I've lived in the Midwest my entire life! Basically I have just shot my own foot, right?


Anyway . . . What is a bit of Spring without spring break vacation? The past couple of years we had opted to remain at home for spring break, namely because, well, I just wasn't up to traveling with three little ones. It's tough! It's really hard! I pack for everyone, I pack everything, I take care of everything . . . the clothes, the toiletries, the snacks, the toys, the books, the games, the entertainment, the house sitter and on and on and on. My husband makes sure the oil is changed and there is gas in the car (well at least for this trip because we drove), otherwise all the has to do is pack his own suitcase because I stopped doing that for him after my second child was born(he's still mad about it).

This year we planned a two week vacation in FL which overlapped with a spectacularlittleconference and I have to say that I could really use some of that heat and sunshine right now as I sit here and listen to the freezing rain pelt down on my roof!