SPORE game taking over

There's this game in my house . . . on my computer . . . it was a gift for my son for his birthday this past December.

It brings great joy to my son and daughter.

Although lately it has become quite an addiction for them.

Oh, and for my husband as well. He once played it for five hours straight!

I will barely have my eyes open in the morning and I hear in a whisper . . . Can I play . . . ?

This game has taken the place of all other games, of the television, of board games, of Pet Shops, of books.

This game has taken away giggles and smiles and brings shouts of frustration and squabbles among siblings.

But most importantly, this game has been cutting into MY blogging time!

You've been warned . . . do not buy this for your family and if you receive this as a gift , return it immediately!