Shimmering Gems in Five Fabulous Bloggers

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Okay now, I had to go back (way back) and look at my old (really old) posts to see who I was reading three and a half years ago when I first started blogging. Sadly, most of the blogs that I read in the early stages of my blogging hobby are gone, kaput, deleted or not updated at all any longer or simply are now private. These gals have disappeared off the face of the planet.

There are two blogs I started to read almost as soon as I started to blog. One was My Chaos My Bliss.  Well, dear Cecily had her blog, My Chaos, My Bliss, hacked and this lovely hacker meanie deleted her entire blog. THE.WHOLE.THING. Not once, but twice! She had reestablished her blog and reloaded everything from her backups and it was hacked and deleted again. Sad right?! Guess what? Her facebook was treated in the same manner. This girl has had a terrible go at it. But, she keeps blogging!

I read My Chaos, My Bliss because Cecily was very much like me. A stay-at-home-mom with three little ones. She was as busy as I was and wanted a bit more than just being a momma for the rest of her life. She started hosting a Photo Story Friday and I literally linked up with her for two years straight and then I just.couldn't.keep.up.any.longer. I still miss my Friday posts with her. I read My Chaos, My Bliss because Cecily takes AMAZING photos! She makes me want to take better photos! And her little one is a hoot!

Another blog that I read way back when (before twitter replaced the actual reading and commenting on blogs) was a little blog named From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses A Southern Fairytale. This blog is simply A Southern Fairytale today. Rachel used to make me giggle with all the antics of Southernness that she is. I'm a Midwestern girl and I'm a bit jealous I must admit. If you are looking for fabulous recipes that are actually really, really good to eat and easy to make (and understand). Rachel is your gal! Homemade Granola, ala A Southern Fairytale, happens to be a favorite in Tiaras & Tantrums house. Oh and her Chicken Tortilla Soup is my husband's most requested meal!

My tastes in blogs have evolved over the past couple of years. I used to search for SAHMs, like myself and read their lives. Compare their lives to mine. Yell at my husband because of all the wonderful things other husband's were doing with these fabulous bloggers. Oh, it was hilarious. I was an avid reader of blogs in the beginning of my blogging hobby. I faithfully read and commented on numerous blogs---religiously people! Then last year I simply just couldn't find the time anymore to read blogs. I switched platforms and lost all my readers (still trying to figure out how that happened).

During this transition period I also started evolving my blog reads. Because my life was changing so much, my interest in blogs was as well. I moved on from mommy blogs to photography blogs to crafting blogs to party blogs to homeschooling blogs. Which brings me to the other Shimming Gems on my Fabulous Bloggers list.

I recently found this lovely gem of a blog . . . Five J's, a homeschooling mom who is quite candid with her advice and reviews of products. Joy has a wealth of information on her blog. The first time I visited her blog (and I really can't remember how I discovered her) I stayed on her blog for a couple of hours. I was scouring and devouring all the knowledge she was posting. I love her reasoning behind why she began to homeschool her children (it is so very true). As a newbie homeschooling mom, I really appreciate all the support and advice that Joy offers. If you are a homeschooling mom or new to homeschooling or even thinking of homeschooling. Five J's is a blog that will enlighten you. Five J's is a hidden gem I am happy to have discovered.

Now on to my favorite blogs of choice to read these days. I call these pretty blogs, fun blogs, party blogs! I love nothing more than to look at all the parties these lovely ladies put together. My Life My Loves and One Charming Party are my current favorites to ogle and google and drool over. I visit these blogs two pretties to be inspired. I visit these blogs to literally get fabulous ideas for my children's birthday parties. Sharnel from My Life My Loves hosted a birthday party Enchanted Woodlands that is just spectacular. I mean, who has a fawn and real live fawn at a birthday party?? One Charming Party had this fabulous Mad Scientist party that inspired me to throw my son a Science Experiment Party as well.(it was a HUGE hit). My little one is turning five next month and the theme of her party is Circus, again inspired by party awesomeness and party stunnery. I'm so excited! In my next life, I want nothing more than to be a event planner. Really, a dream come true for me. Until then, I will just live vicariously through One Charming Party and My Life My Loves.

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