Sharing the Table with Family and Barilla

During the Family Forward conference a couple of months ago, my family and I enjoyed a family session with Barilla Pasta. I especially enjoyed the session with Barilla because they were exploring the different ways families can make meal time more meaningful.

Share the Table with Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta introduced a concept that is not foreign on me of sharing the table.  All the families prepared a meal together for lunch that afternoon. My girls loved it because I don't normally let them help me at home . . . eh, control freak who loathes messes . . . I'm working on this one! We all worked step by step to create a delicious, healthy lunch with Barilla pasta. 

The speaker presented the Family Forward families with a number of different strategies for making mealtime more family oriented. I was so happy to realize that I have this nailed pretty perfectly!  I have three very busy schedules with my children and some days we are not all home for dinner, and that is okay. I don't feel guilty because my children are sitting down to a home cooked meal most other evenings.  The speaker did offer some solutions for those busy evenings though. They can be found at the Share The Table website.

One busy evening was Halloween. But, I wanted my children to have a home-cooked, delicious meal to come home to after a cold night of banging on doors and running up and down sidewalks. It is cold in Chicago! In fact, it was freezing on Halloween night! But I have invited the grandparents over as they love to see the kids in their costumes every year. My son had just broken his arm, so he decided to not trick-or-treat this year. That left, grandma and my son to make a family dinner for us all.

We all sat down together, enjoying the meal and the time and the conversation with our family. These are our treasured moments this past Halloween.