Science Experiment Party Part II

Science Experiment Birthday Party

The Experiments

 The boys had so much fun conducting experiments. They were all the perfect little scientists!

Science Experiment Party

Color Symphony Experiment

First up was Color Symphony then on to Instant Snow. Color Symphony experiment was simply milk, food coloring and dish soap. Watch the reaction.

Instant Snow Experiment

Instant Snow was just that, Instant Snow! Very fun to play with!  

Super Slime Experiment

Next up was Super Slime, which was a lot of fun and caused many laughs. I ordered the slime and had each cup measured out sitting on trays waiting to be carried in to the "Lab". I used small plastic cups purchased at the local grocery store.

Instant Worms Experiment

Instant Worms was the next experiment and this was as enjoyable as the previous. I think anything boys can squeeze and be grossed out about is a hit.

Elephant's Toothpaste Experiment

The BIG indoor experiment was Elephant's Toothpaste or Fantastic Foamy Mountain . This was an amazing experiment for the boys! I just purchased enough metal tins for each boy (at the dollar store), empty plastic liter bottles, yeast, funnels, 20-volume hydrogen peroxide liquid (found at beauty supply store), dish soap and food coloring.

The yeast acts as a catalyst, which made the peroxide release the oxygen faster The reaction created foam that spills out of the bottle and pools in the pan. After a minute or so, it begins to come out in a moving stream that looks like toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube. The bottle was warm to the touch as this is an exothermic reaction. The boys played with the foam afterwards as it was just soap and water with oxygen bubbles.

Science Experiment Party Part

Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Experiment

The last experiment was conducted OUTSIDE! Mentos Diet Coke Geyser! Watch the video below! A blast this was! Everyone was running, including me, mainly because I didn't want my camera soaked with Diet Coke! I purchased enough Diet Coke liter bottles for each child and each child also received Geyser Tube.  Everyone pulled their trigger and took off. The Mentos dropped and the soda shot in the air! The boys were all running around drinking the remaining Diet Coke in their bottles! Just in time to hand them all off to their parents ~ hyped up on sugar!

Science Experiment Party Part I