Science Experiment Party Part I

Science Experiment Birthday Party

Where to begin . . . where to begin . . . this party was so much fun!I have to say right off that the difference in the atmosphere from this Science Experiment party and my last party was vast, to say the least! Boys are loud! Girls scream and shriek . . . but boys are LOUD!

Science Experiment Party

Enter the Lab

The kiddos entered through the front door and then had to pass through the plastic to "enter the lab". This was super easy to hang. I purchased a cheapo shower curtain and cut it into strips and then hung is in the door path of our hallway on a shower curtain rod. 

The theme of this party was Science Experiment. I asked everyone to join the Professor (my son) for wacky experiments, kooky chemical creations and explosive fun. The testing began at 1:30 at our Lab (our house). I could not have asked for a more perfect day either. It was beautiful outside! Once the boys arrived, they had to walk through the plastic curtains (my husband simply hung these with an old shower rod) to decontaminate and enter the lab.



I hung fun balloons from the ceiling as well as Science printables. I had green balloons suspended from the ceiling and shapes of various beakers hanging as well.


As the boys arrived I had a table of Fuzzoodles setup for imagination play . . . we couldn't start the experiments until all the boys had arrived. Naturally, when you have free play with boys . . . silliness ensues! Or should I say hair raising antics! One of the boys instantly created a sword from the Fuzzoodles table and then another boy caught on and created a tommy gun and then all hell broke loose!  My husband had to reign in the unruly boys and corral them to the "Lab" (my kitchen) and the "Experimental Station".

Experimental Station


I asked the boys what scientist wore while conducting experiments and  to 'suit up' and we were off! Everyone had their own labcoat (ordered here) and safety glasses (purchased at the dollar store). I also had stick on mustaches for the boys, but none of them wanted to wear it.


 Each boy had a place at the Experimental Station table and a list of science experiments that we would all be performing. In the middle of the table were all the supplies needed to conduct the experiments.

This was a very exciting, fast paced party and my son told me it was "The Best Ever".

Next up: The Experiments