School Started & I Died

I feel like I have been away on vacation, but I haven't been. School started a couple of weeks ago and we are all transitioning from summer schedules to school schedules with three different co-ops and homeschooling.

My daughters have fallen right back into their old routines since they homeschooled last year. My son on the other hand is having a hard time with the transition to homeschool from private school. I really thought it would be much easier for him since we have always supplemented along the path of education at home. But he is struggling with this new school routine and I have been needed in the roll of teacher and mom much more these past few weeks for him.

I'm happy to help him along the way because I truly feel this Classical approach to education will serve him better in life. That being said, I have been out of the loop while aiding my son on this change in his education path. 

I've been stuck in my home classroom from early morning until after dinner. My son is miserable and I am draining of positive notes to tell him all day. I'm hoping this next week will be much easier for all of us. I've been taking photos when I can, but have had no time to edit anything. I took a break today from being a mom for a much needed couple of hours and just did nothing but rejuvinate my brain.

We are heading to the city tomorrow for a fun filled day full of activities at Navy Pier. My children love this location and I am hoping to bring a smile back to my son's face.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend . . . Enjoy my photos.