Visiting A Country Fair

We spent the day at a local country fair on Friday and the kiddos and I had a blast!

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Wrapped These two were loving this ride. This is the first year that this girl was able to go on most of the rides without being turned away for height issues. She was in heaven the entire afternoon!

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Time Together This ride gave me the loop-de-loop in my stomach. I would never in a million years be able to ride on it. These two - LOVED IT!

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Tell Me a Story This little one, bless her heart, she just did not want to ride on any of the rides. I felt so bad for her. She was petrified of everything. She was happy to ride the motorcyles about 12 times though!

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Love This one would capture every chicken she could and bring it home. We were in the petting zoo at the fair and guess who was in there with us . . . Jenny McCarthy. {I kept looking and thinking to myself, is that her, it can't be, what would she be doing here in the suburbs. But as soon as she called her son, I knew it was her and there was a certain football player waiting for her outside the gate.}

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Duplicated This ice cream was literally the biggest cone I had ever seen . . . these two couldn't even finish it!