Cloud Gate Visit

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♥ Monochromatic So if you have ever tried home made dill pickles before, you may know that they have quite the pucker factor. These babies indeed do just that!

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♥ Starts with the letter... my girls posing for me and making a letter . . . can you see what it is?

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♥ Upside Down . . . another one of my girls . . . upside down in the bean {aka: Cloud Gate}

♥ Hair . . . same girls again, in the bean again, but their hair . . . oh to have long hair. I so miss my long hair, but as I age it just seems to fall out in clumps and masses and will never return. I'm so jealou sof their hair, I probably will never let them cut it.

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♥ Soft We were at the zoo this past weekend and I snapped this photo off in the children's area where the kiddos were able to water the plants and pet the animals. Great time there always.

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{PS - Lightroom is really giving me a headache these days by only adding my watermark to whatever pictures it chooses. It's driving me batty!}