This week I didn't know what to "Capture" with the assignment of Rustic. I simply walked around my house today with my Canon Rebel XT and looked for things that I thought would fit this.

rus·tic ~ \ˈrəs-tik\
1. of, pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities: rural.
2. simply, artless, or unsophisticated.
3. uncouth, rude or boorish
4. made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of trees, as garden seats.
5. (of stonework) having the surfaces rough or irregular and the joints sunken or beveled.

I am an urban girl stuck in the suburbs with no country to surround me. I wish I could transport myself to my grandmother's farm right now because I would be able to load up several memory cards full of Rustic photos. Alas, I am not, I am stuck in my suburban home and this is all I could find.
This is a buffet table that I purchased in China and had shipped back. It is very old and very heavy and my favorite piece of furniture in my house. My children are not allowed to breathe near it. You can see it fully here.

These wheels are from a tiny baby carriage that sits in my daughter's room. It is quite adorable.

This particular piece of furniture sits in my hall closet. It is a hope chest that I received from my grandmother. It was once her mother's chest. This chest is very precious to me and holds all my wonderful memories.
These two photos are of this gorgeous stained glass window that my husband bought for me for Easter many years ago. He purchased it from an old building that was being torn down. It now sits on one of my mantles.

This lovely warrior horse is my daughter's. She received it as a gift for her 2nd birthday from a Chinese friend. Her party was a pony theme and this was the only horse that our friend could find. (There are no toy stores or Targets in China) She purchased it at an antique market called PanJiaYuan. A fantastic market to shop! Makes me miss Beijing so much right now. I may be going back in September. May be being the key words. My husband has given me a resounding ROARING NO. But I am working on him. We shall see what transpires.