Remus was HERE!

Remus taking a seat in my wreath (because someone forgot to move him and remembered at 4:30 AM in a mad dash of a panic) . . . he was sitting in the chocolate jar with a few unwrapped, nibbled chocolate pieces (of which I forgot to take a photo) . . . the wreath was the closest spot from the candy jar in my half-sleep-half-awake state.

He decided to help out with the Santa project and ended up spilling marshmallows all over my daughter's desk . . . which was hilarious!He decided to play video games on the computer and tie it up all day long. My son was not too happy!

He conducted school on the stairs landing with various animals and dolls and ZhuZhus and Squinkies and Gogos and many more friends.

He was tied up and held at gunpoint by my son's army.

Remus waited for Santa in a stocking with the children's letters and was all bundled up in his Christmas cape  . . . waiting.

We sure miss the little fellow!

and then, she {snapped} Photobucket  the hollie roguethe long roadLife.Captured.

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