Recalling DisneyWorld

My little one does not smile much for the camera . . . she just looks at me and states that she is smiling .  . . it is rare to get a "great" smile photo out of her so I learned a while back to not ask her to smile and just let her have a natural looking face. Most of the time, her eyes actually close. It is a bizarre thing as I take loads of photos and in over half of them, her eyes are closed. This one, love it. 

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Mike, from Monsters University, at Epcot during the Garden Show. You simply must go see the movie when it comes out. I was delighted to see a sneak peep of Monsters University and let me just say, you will not be disappointed you had to wait so long for this prequel!

Cinderella . . . . Cinderella . . . she was so pretty and so very nice to the girls! Horrible lighting in the room though! Our first time meeting Rapunzel! We have been to Disney a few times and we always miss her and we were finally able to see her in person. She was delightful! She took the time to talk to the girls, she asked them if they played an instrument and was very engaging. She even got my little one to giggle and smile! My lovely little one who will be seven in a few weeks here . . . I may actually cry at that birthday!