Random Tuesday Tantrums

*** Grrr . . . I just got off the phone with my brother . . . grrr . . . this boy drives me N.U.T.S! I just want to know when this 36 year old man is going to GROW up! I swear if I ever get paid from being his personal therapist . . . I WOULD BE A MILLIONAIRE!

*** We went to Olive Garden this past weekend and I just want to know why this restaurant is so damn cold. Every flipping time we go there, I freeze my behind off! People, when it is 40 degrees outside, turn the heat on, not the air!

*** We went to Toys R Us after the Olive Garden to look for a bike for my son. Well, my little man spied a mini motorcycle and his eyes lit up and his heart swelled with love. His desire for this mini motorcycle outweighed any rational thought processes out of his brain. My hubbie told him no way we were buying that $400 'dangerous' bike and to walk away and look at the pedal bicycles. My son was so mad and the scene turned ugly in the store. I looked to the hubster for help, do you think he does anything, nope, nothing. I don't know who I was more angry with my son or my husband. But, we all left that store and no one got anything. Oh, and my son is so grounded from all gaming equipment this week.

*** My baby girl can not go to sleep unless I am holding her or she is laying on me. She is going to be three in two months and it is getting old. I know this is so terrible of me to say . . . but at night I want her to be sleeping . . . I want her to stay sleeping . . . and she simply can not unless I am holding her or she is using me as a body pillow. As I was speaking to my brother on the phone she woke up and cried and screamed through the entire conversation. What can I do to get this girl to sleep on her own? All night long if she rouses and she is not laying in my arms she will sit up and throw a fit. Literally this happens about three to six times a night. She's still sobbing now, so I have to post this.

*** I forgot to add . . . I watched Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday and was very disturbed by Melissa Rivers antics upon her firing. Seriously that girl was VERY unlady like in her reaction. Even Rodman didn't exit like that. Take it like a man girl! You knew it was coming . . . now that Annie Duke is a bitch . . . I don't like her and she has a very condescending voice . . . but I think she is so going to win. Look at Piers Morgan from last season. The dude was a dick and won! Shame on you Miss Rivers!

***OH - AND on Friday I am going to start a new thing over here . . . Spring Festival of Homes Tour. Yep, I am going to give you a pictorial tour of my home each week. Join me if you like!