Random Tuesday Tantrums

Okay, I haven't done this Tuesday random in awhile . . . well, because I think I am losing my mind. I am so busy and so fricking tired . . . it is laughable at this point! I am flat out, too much on my plate, on my schedule, on my kids schedule . . . and I don't see it easing up.  Why is it the older my children get, the busier they are?

I took my kids to the Pumpkin Fest this past weekend and it was like 50 degrees outside and the wind was blowing at 17 mph (I checked later). I was freezing and guess what . . . now I'm sick. I took some Nyquil last night at my hubbies urging and. . . wow . . . by 8:30 I was comatose! Literally, what the hell is in that stuff!?

I need to quit volunteering for stuff at my kids' school. Listen up parents, stop asking me because I don't know how to say no!

I applied for a job that I literally have no qualifications for but would LOVE to have! I will probably be the applicant who gets their application posted on some wall for the laugh of the day! Oh well!

My son was 'invited' to join the Team at gymnastics. What this means is that he has been invited to join the Team and compete. Basically what this means is that the center is asking for a $300.00 "team fee" and then $100 per competition to compete. Really? Are you kidding me? I already pay that damn place $300 a month for all my kids to go there to jump around like bunnies and monkeys and they want more of my money for my son to be judged on how great he can act like a monkey? I'm such a terrible person, that I actually talked my son out of 'how great this is'! I'm exhausted, there is no way I can fit in gymnastics competitions into our schedule ... over the holidays to boot!

I don't think I like my exchange student . . . did I just type that? I did, didn't I? Well, it's out now. I don't think I like her. She's too quiet. I mean quiet as in she never frickin' speaks! It is driving me bat shit crazy! She will answer any question I ask, but never initiates a conversation . . . unless she needs me to sign something. My husband has had it already with her. He told me on Sunday he doesn't like teenagers and that our children are not allowed to grow up. I don't know what I was expecting when we signed up to be a host family to an exchange student . . . well I sort of did . . . I expected someone with a personality! This girl, too, too shy and quiet. She does certain things that really annoy me and I don't know how to tell her without seeming like a crazy bitch!

Exchange student downloaded a bunch of viruses on my computer a couple of weeks ago and my brilliant hubbie 'fixed' my very old, very tired computer. But, he added all these other loop holes and very old, very tired computer ran very slowly on me. I made him fix his 'fixes' and he turned the firewall to manual. Exchange student turned the computer off and back on - on Saturday and didn't turn the firewall back on (because brilliant hubbie never told anyone he had turned the firewall to manual).

Sunday morning, brilliant hubbie woke up to a computer with a disabled firewall and had a fit! He was shouting at me, he accused exchange student of disabling firewall and he went a bit nuts. He decided that anyone who was going to us my computer needed to have their own account. Brilliant hubbie set up three separate accounts and then my very old, very tired computer decided to stop working. After five hours, brilliant hubbie seriously messed up my computer and crashed it. Blue screen. It's dead. Very dead indeed now. Only works in safe mode, enough to back everything up. Then he remembered that he was the one who turned the firewall to manual and he wasted the entire day and caused all kinds of trouble for nothing!

This is my life . . . I'm tired, I don't like the teenager living in my house, I have no computer and I am now late for another appointment . . . I wonder if I will ever be on time in my life again?

At least I have my brother's laptop he loaned me!

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