Pretty Persimmon

The Persimmon, if you've never had one, hails from Asia, usually China and Japan these days. I first had one whilst we were living in Beijing(China) when I was not able to locate any Western (that would be USA) fruit to my liking. Fruit was a bit different in China, not quite as sweet and succulent and shaped oddly.

A friend of mine encouraged me to try a Persimmon, telling me I should love it since I really gobbled up tomatoes. They seem to be of the same textures. However, they do not taste the same.

I'm a Westerner at heart . . . used to being spoiled by the best organic fruits the farmer's markets have to offer. But I was adventurous and wanted to try a Persimmon. Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience and I mustered up the strength to swallow a big juicy mouthful of the fleshy fruit that left the most unpleasant furry film of yuck in my mouth.

My girls spied a Pretty Persimmon in the market last week and requested I purchase some for them to try. I'm up for kids trying all sorts of new food even though I did not have a pleasant experience with this pretty fruit. We waited for the Persimmon to ripen and I served it t them for lunch the other day.

My girls gobbled up one slice each and chewed and bit and them both took off out of their seats running at full speed to the trash bin. Sadly, they had the same odd experience as myself when I had attempted to eat a Persimmon myself so many years ago. A Persimmon will leave an odd astringency flavor in your mouth that somewhat dries your throat, and tastes a bit like and an unripe banana

They sure are Pretty though.

How to Eat A Persimmon