Play Time

My husband left this morning for a trip off shore . . . he is traveling to Denmark and Poland this week. (lucky man I say) I asked my brother to come and stay with me while my husband is away, but he is not too keen on staying in a household with three young children.

 My brother is a bachelor and lives alone with his two little Maltese dogs, who will be coming along to give me many migraines. (a) because they bark at everything (b) because they jump all over my furniture  (c) my children fight over the dogs

My house is utter chaos and frazzles his nerve endings!(secretly I think it is good for his character) I don't think I am necessarily afraid to stay in my home alone without my husband . . . I have a dog (although she is more frightened of her shadow than anything and won't be able to protect any of us) and we do have an alarm system for our home . . . I did live alone for a number of years prior to getting married . . . I think I am just a bit more comfortable with a man in the house.

My brother is usually pretty good about coming to my house to stay with me while my husband has been away in the past . . . so I think he may come for at least a couple of days  . . . I just need to entice him with some fabulous home cooked meals and promises that my children won't jump and climb all over him (that is NOT likely).

My bed is going to be very crowded this week with dear husband away. The children have already claimed their positions in my bed. I may be sleeping in the toddler bed this week!


I took the children fishing to a retention pond across the street from our house. It is amazingly loaded with small fish. My little one was the first to catch a fish and the next one and the next one and the next one after that. Hilariously, she caught five fish before her siblings and they were not the least bit happy about it. My son has become quite the rod caster this summer and he is very pleased with himself . . . even though his baby sister can catch more fish than him.