So I am all about pink. . . just look at my blog, which by the way, I did just get a new header and never really introduced it . . . I love it so much!! So uniquely me and so pink!

Easter was this past weekend and we had such a relaxing day. I look forward to the Easter holiday as it is always such an uplifting time for our family. The meaning of Easter brings us closer together and we are thankful to Jesus during this holiday (especially). I also enjoy the Easter holiday because it means that we get a holiday to ourselves. No demands for our presence, no back and forth o who is hosting and where we are going and what we are doing. For as long as I have been married to my husband, we have enjoyed Easter by ourselves. It has become a tradition for us.

Until this year that is. My in-laws are snow birds (they winter in FL) and don't usually return until after Easter. This year they were returning home prior to the holiday and even before they were back in IL my MIL was calling up telling my husband what 'the plans' were. My husband declined the invitation to brunch in a restaurant explaining this is not ideal for our small children, but she that she was more than welcome to enjoy Easter with us (which she declined). (His brother has teenagers) We thought that would be the end of it, but we should have known.

(here is where you hear a very exhausted deep sigh from me)

After a lovely morning at church and a beautiful sermon we came home to a wonderful afternoon of family time. We played with the new bunny the children received for Easter and really just had a great day as a family. We ate a delicious meal that I prepared . . . 

and the phone rang. My husband and his mother got into a bit of a discussion on the phone about what they feel happened or should have happened. Then she called an hour after that to discuss it again. My husband was laughing at her silliness and my walls were once again getting putting back up from her silliness.

My MIL and FIL came over yesterday to babysit for my girls as I had to run into the city for an event. My husband came home early to relieve them and my MIL brought up the Easter "you didn't come to brunch with us or even invite us over" issue again. My husband gave me the details when I returned home later that afternoon and I have to say I was a bit disgusted by the entire thing. My wall is back up as high as it ever was with this women because not only does she create drama, she is now blaming me for the non-invite. My husband told me she was full on guilt mode to him and even included some crocodile tears (his words-not mine).

Hubbie also prepared me for Mother's Day since she threw that in to the mix yesterday. She threw it is there knowing full well that I want to spend my day with my kids and husband. It has always been that way.

How to handle a very sly MIL?

Anyway, here is my pink Easter!