The other evening I had the opportunity to spend some time with my girls without my son along . . . just the girls. It was a wonderful couple of hours and something I need to remember to do more often. We were playing at the park at our church waiting for my son while he was a youth group and attached to the church grounds is a park, a lovely grove and a cemetery.

My girls love to run in the grove and explore for bugs and such and they also love to explore the small, old cemetary (as do I) looking for baby tombstones. We say a prayer over each baby tombstone that we locate. This particular evening my daughter ran up to a row of like tombstones and asked me to read each one. Asking at the same time if this was a family. Indeed it was a row of tombstones . . . a family . . . all related.

Sadly, the row of tombstones was for children, babies really . . . seven tombstones in a row . . .

I began reading the lettering and realized the seven babies had all died prior to two years old. It was so sad. My heart ached for this poor mother who had seven babies and they all died before they were even two years old (I barely survived my miscarriages, I can't imagine having a child die)

I looked for the parents tombstone and noticed it sitting behind the row of babies and glanced over to the right and saw there was one more tombstone . . . an eighth baby had died just before it's third birthday. I was choking back tears at this time and just thought what an amazing woman this must have been to keep trying to have children year after year after year while her heart must have been completely broken.

I feel so blessed to have three amazing, healthy children  thank God for the gifts of my children.