My Love Affair with my Email Continues . . .

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When I returned from Beijing in 2006 I was heart broken . . . literally monumentally sad to return to the USA. I had spent the previous year fostering beautiful friendships with international women I had met through the expatriate community. I had made real connections with women that I just met. There is something about women plunked down in the middle of nowhere who simply band together and rally around each other. We built each other up in the middle of a country where only a handful of us could articulate enough in the native language to locate a toilet.

I left Beijing armed with email addresses of all my international gal pals and a heavy heart.

Brazil, China, USA, Malaysia, Japan

                                         USA, Australia, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil

I think under normal circumstances if I were to met a new friend and start a friendship in a years time and then up and move the relationship would falter along the way and sputter into nonexistence. However, I was not in a normal setting living in Beijing with women from all over the continents. A bond was formed with these women that couldn't be broken.

Especially with beloved email address in tact. I had just spent one entire year emailing my family and friends in the USA my love of a country visited by few. I was ready to continue my friendships with my international gal pals through email.

And did I ever continue my relationships . . . these friendships are going strong even today as I type this . . . six years later. My love affair with my email is something that kept me going some days. I am an older mom raising young children and not really fitting in with most new moms . . . I didn't have friends in the USA who understood this issue I had . . . I was lonely since my husband worked so much . . . my email account kept me sane . . . I poured out my frustrations and loneliness to my friends and received support and love and validation . . . . all via email.

My friends and I expressed love in emails with loving words . . . feeling each others aura . . . being in each others aura . . . sharing all experiences . . . working together . . . experiencing everything together. I felt emotions and love in all possible ways of expressions in my emails across the oceans.

Words written to me . . . by me . . . in emails . . . are love affairs in my heart.

this video was chosen because of the symbolism to China